Football–a lesson in perspective

Last night I attended the 8th grade football game between Opelika Middle School and W.F. Burns Middle School (referenced here as Valley Rams).  Some of my friends have called it a pounding (when we left at the end of the 3rd quarter it was 39-0 Opelika).  Normally, I would have been cheering for Opelika, but on this one occasion I so wanted Valley to win.  You see, my nephew is a Valley Ram.

My nephew practically came out of the womb with a football in his hand.  He lives and breathes football.  I’ve been watching him play since he was old enough to run and carry a football at the same time.  He’s the one who loves football so much that going to practice is as much fun as playing the game.  I’m one very proud aunt.

To further add perspective, Opelika Middle School not only had twice the players, few were less than double the weight of the largest Valley player.  Most of them looked like they should be playing high school football.  My nephew was blocking some very hefty dudes and doing an excellent job.

Opelika is a 6-A Division Team who pounded a 5-A Division Team.  Should the fact that they beat Valley so thoroughly be considered a pounding?  Maybe if any of the 14 Opelika coaches considered sending out their fifth string to play instead of leaving their first/second string in for most of the game.  (And may I remind Opelika, Auburn’s coming and, if memory serves, they have a powerhouse of boys twice your size.)

Watching a game from the opposite side of the field gives perspective.  When a smaller team beats a larger team, it’s a pounding.  When a larger team beats a smaller team, it’s a beating.  But, thankfully, my nephew can take both with a smile on his face because he’s all about the game, win or lose, beating or pounding.  The Valley Rams can be every bit as proud of themselves because they lost with grace as they could have if they had “pounded” Opelika.

From here on out, Opelika can pound to their heart’s content.

Joshee, you are the best football player I know.  Keep up the hard work.  We are all proud of you!



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