You’ll love new Purex Triple Action

As a Purex Insider, I was selected to receive a full-size bottle of Purex Triple Action (Free and Clear) to use and review.  I have been a Purex fan for quite awhile because it was effective and costs less than most detergents.

My family goes through a lot of detergent in a week, so I need a detergent that goes a long way and doesn’t cost a lot of money.  At a little under $6.00 for 33 loads, the cost of a load of laundry is about 20 cents.  Using Purex Free and Clear, clothes come out clean without the strong smell of other detergents.  It is great for those who have sensitive skin or are allergic to scented products.

I particularly love that I can use one detergent for colors and whites.  It is even great to use on handwashables, too.  After spending years handwashing clothes in the sink or bathtub, I found the best method (especially if you have a lot to do) is to add a little Purex,  fill the washer using the soak cycle and turn it off when it begins to oscillate turn it off and add your delicate items and let them soak for several minutes before removing them.  Purex does an excellent job and is fine for your fine washables, too.

“Purex provided a free sample of their Triple Action laundry detergent so I could write a review.  However, all of the opinions expressed here are my own.”


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