Use Open Sky at your own risk

If you aren’t familiar with Open Sky, it’s a shopping social network using curators that you follow based on your preferences.  Most curators are celebrities that present deals on items they are interested in such as fitness, health, organization products, fashion, etc.  Sound like a good idea?

I joined and started following a group of curators.  One day I saw this cute box to put my child’s school papers in.  I had a $5.00 coupon and the item was on sale, so I thought it was a  good deal.  However, after a week of waiting for it to arrive I checked the status and saw where it normally takes 2 weeks to process an order.  I was not told this at the time of the order.

The order arrived and a week later another one arrived.  I was billed at the same time for two of them even though my receipt shows payment for only one.  When I called customer service, I was told they would send me postage label to return and would receive credit when they received the returned product.  HELLO!  But this was Open Sky’s error.

I understand that mistakes are made, but it’s how those mistakes are handled that make all the difference.  As soon as I receive my credit, I am cancelling my subscription to Open Sky.  I wouldn’t recommend Open Sky to anyone.


About Pondering Life from a Railroad Town

Married to a genius, mom to two daughters, living life in a railroad town. Struggling to balance a family, a job, housework, and a life. Blessed beyond measure
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