Who is Bobby Lowder and why do Auburn supporters want him gone?

That’s a question that seems to have eluded the trustee selection committee and Gov. Robert Bentley.  Bobby Lowder is not a man who can be trusted to handle the best interests of Auburn University.  One need only look to “Jetgate” as proof that Bobby Lowder will stop at nothing to get what he wants and get rid of people who are standing in the way of his need to be in control.  If that’s not enough there is the fact that just after announcing his retirement as CEO and chairman of Colonial Bancgroup, federal and state regulators took control of the bank in one of the largest bank failures of 2009.  Coincidence?

Time after time, Bobby Lowder has proven that he cares nothing about Auburn University.  After all, he has been serving, and I use the term loosely, as a Trustee for almost 30 years.  If he really cared about the University as a whole, he would step down and keep his grimy hands off.

Bobby Lowder is a tyrant whose behavior is legendary among Auburn faculty, Alumni and supporters.  The only reason imaginable for Bobby Lowder being re-nominated to sit on the Auburn University Board of Trustees is fear of retaliation against whoever votes against him.  After all, he successfully thwarted former Alabama Governor Fob James from having him removed from the Board, supported his successor Former Governor Don Siegelman who, after winning the election, reappointed Lowder to the Board for an additional 12 years.  (Siegelman has since been convicted of bribery and mail fraud charges and served two years in federal prison).

Just when we were beginning to see the light at the end of a very long tunnel, someone crushes our hopes.  Here’s hoping the Alabama State Senate will listen to Auburn Alumni when we say we do not want Bobby Lowder to wield his power any longer.   We thought we could count on the five-member committee to use some common sense, but we were wrong.

If you want to express your opinion, call your State Senator.  For a list, go to www.alabama.gov.  Click on Government and Find Your State Senator.  Do it today.  Please.


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