It’s a God thing

Gene Chizik and Auburn players give God the credit for their outstanding season.  Newton’s speech last night was a perfect ending to a perfect season.  “It’s a God thing!”  Many people may find it wrong or even offensive to give God credit for a football season, but why wouldn’t God who loves His people not care about all of their activities.  After all, they are giving God the glory for it all.

In many ways, God is the reason for the season of a lifetime.   Players benefited from the talent God gave them.  He provided the strength when they were weak (both on and off the field).  And, He kept them healthy and strong.  Gene Chizik is a great coach.  Not just because he coached a winning team, but because he loves his players, treats them with dignity and encourages them to do their best.  He is also a great Christian man.  He puts his trust and faith in God (not a football team or season) and gives Him the glory for everything.  While other coaches turn a blind eye or encourage bad behavior from their players, Gene Chizik calls his players out when they retaliate against other players or otherwise show unsportsmanlike conduct.

For the first time in recent years Auburn played consistently as a team.  These guys are family, and they care about each other.  They don’t yell at each other when a play goes wrong.  They encourage and lift each other up.  They believe in themselves and each other.  They never gave up, and they give the Auburn family a reason to be proud, win or lose.  Auburn deserves some respect.

I’m tired of people criticizing Auburn players and coaches.  Auburn deserved this season and the BCS National Championship win is all the proof needed.  Some teams and fans are preparing for next year.  Good for them.  Today Auburn is reveling in all they have accomplished this season.  It’s great to be an Auburn Tiger—in good seasons and in bad—today and for the rest of my life.  And in the words of Gene Chizik, “It is what it is…”

War Eagle!



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