Cam who?

The Auburn Creed states, “I believe in honesty and truthfulness, without which I cannot win the respect and confidence of my fellow men. “  (George Petrie, 1945).  People who really know Cam Newton say he’s an honest, humble man and a really good person.  Not just Auburn people either.  They are people who knew him before his popularity…. and people who know him now.  The truth behind the Cam Newton Saga, as it has come to be known, will eventually be revealed.

If Cecil Newton did something unethical, he will have ruined his son’s career.  Cam Newton can rise above this and live a life of integrity, but probably not on Auburn’s football field.  I’d like to say this is all a lie and it will all go away, but in every story meant to harm someone else there is an element of truth.  Whose truth it is we may never know.

What I do know is this.  When it comes to winning football games and making money, some people will do crazy things.  Unfortunately, no football program is immune from questionable ethics particularly when trustees want to win football games.  Some will go to great efforts and grandiose schemes to perpetrate a winning season.  Many fans enjoy gloating and making jokes over the troubles and tribulations of their opponents.  This is an unfortunate by-product of a competitive human nature.

As an Auburn alumni and fan, I am tired of hearing about Cam Newton (great player and person that he is, aside).  Cam doesn’t win football games all by himself.  Auburn could play without him, but he can’t play without the help of the other players.  It’s time the media, fans and rivals started talking about someone and/or something else.

The focus right now is about whether Cam and his father were offered money for Cam to play football.  Pretty soon, if the allegations are true, the focus will turn to Auburn’s involvement and will turn a great season into one of the worst Auburn has seen in a long time.  It’s all about winning.  If an Auburn supporter paid money to the Newtons for Cam to play football, that person (or persons as the case may be) have undermined everything Auburn stands for.  They have altered the reputation of an excellent coaching staff (Gene Chizik is not only a great coach, but a good Christian man) as well as the other players on the field.  They have stolen from the players and the fans.  They have ruined the reputation of Auburn University.  All of it just because they want to win football games.

It’s time to stop penalizing the universities and start following the money trail.  Start hunting down the trustees/coaches/recruiters and whoever else might be involved, investigate them, try them in a Court of law and, if they are found guilty, send them to prison.  After all is said and done, these are the people who need to be punished.  They are stealing the integrity of our young people and destroying their future.

I am an Auburn graduate.  I don’t believe that a school is or should be defined by it’s football team.  Auburn can rise above all the rock-throwing, dirt-bashing, label-calling and sanctions it will undoubtedly face if the allegations are proved true.  However, the players, the students and alumni will pay a high price for their loyalty.    I believe in Auburn and love it.  I do not, however, believe that Auburn football is the most important function of Auburn University.  I don’t believe winning football games is the end result of an Auburn education.  Most fans have stood behind Auburn during the bad seasons as well as the good.  It’s great to be an Auburn Tiger for that very reason.


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  1. Queenie says:

    WOW…I am so thinking you and I must the be same person….your thoughts are much like my own! Thank you for putting every word on “paper” so eloquently.

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