Why I won’t listen to 97.7 Kicker FM

The Opelika/Auburn area is blessed with a variety of local radio stations for practically every genre and covering local news, events and sports.  Praise 88.7 The Well is relatively new but plays the best contemporary Christian music you can find outside of 93.3 FM out of Atlanta.

In 1985 I stumbled upon a radio station with the call letters WKKR 97.7 FM.  I enjoyed it so much that I told all of my friends and family about it; however, one fateful afternoon the newscaster created a stir when he used language for which the FCC imposes fines.  Needless to say, my friends and family started calling me and asking what kind of station I was listening to.  How could I know the newscaster was a perfectionist and had a temper, or that he would re-tape a newscast instead of erasing the one on which he made the error.  Does anyone besides my family remember that?

Today, the only time I listen to the Kicker is when I’m listening to an Opelika High School football game.  Friday night I was listening to the Opelika-Auburn game.  Sometime during the second quarter as Opelika had just been awarded its fourth penalty in a row, one of the announcers used an expression taking Christ’s name in vain.  Even in this day and age, I was stunned to hear this expression over a high school football game.  Yes, we take our football seriously (even high school) but to vent this type of anger over any football game is uncalled for and offensive to those of us who try to live our lives honoring Christ rather than throwing His name out in anger or frustration.

From now on, I will have to get my local news, weather, sports and entertainment from another radio station.  Thank goodness we have a radio station like Praise 88.7 where they are positive and encouraging.



About Pondering Life from a Railroad Town

Married to a genius, mom to two daughters, living life in a railroad town. Struggling to balance a family, a job, housework, and a life. Blessed beyond measure
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